Applewood Centre for Adult Learning

Lifelong Learning for People with Special Needs


Applewood Centre for Adult Learning employs 8 full-time support staff under the leadership of Executive Director, Joanne Simpson. All are certified teachers or support workers. We have 2 lunchroom supervisors and accept co-op students from local community colleges.

Program delivery focuses on:

  • Socialization
  • Language/Communications
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Numeracy & Money Management
  • Culinary/Life Skills
  • Healthy Living
  • Music
  • Community Involvement
  • Recreational Activities


Language  & Communication Development

Communication is a central feature of all Applewood learning activities.  Our clients are exposed to and involved in the communication of information for a wide variety of readingpurposes. 

Arts and Crafts

Clients take part in activities planned for personal expression, recreation and pleasure.  Practical applications such as decorations for seasonal celebrations, displays of crafts, model assembly and the use of a wide range of materials are planned and explored.

Numeracy and Money Management

Clients are involved in activities to develop knowledge and improve skills in the application of day-to-day mathematics and money management.  Learning activities include skill building exercises, budget organization, planning purchases, shopping in stores and the development of personal skills related to the handling and management of money.

Culinary Skills / Life Skills

cookingClients are involved in activities which support the development of personal and domestic skills. Safe practices are emphasized in the use of cutlery, the toaster, and microwave oven. In addition, daily tasks include laundry, kitchen clean-up, general housekeeping and simple food preparation.

Healthy Living / Recreation / Music

We encourage participation in a variety of physical activities to improve personal fitness and to promote an active lifestyle.  Activities include dance, team games as well as group and individual exercise routines.  Music and recreation therapy focus on building new skills, enhancing cognition and social functioning and increasing confidence levels amongst our clients.  Trips to local leisure attractions and facilities help to provide a greater sense of being connected and belonging to the Mississauga community.